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Tempo Apps

Select Apps on the Tempo sidebar to display the Tempo Apps Directory, where you can install other Tempo apps that help you get the most out of your Tempo products.

  • Planner by Tempo is an effective tool that helps you plan time for resources and teams. You can get a clear overview of your staff’s availability and plans in real-time, which helps you make better decisions and plan efficiently. 

    When integrated with Cost Tracker, Planner provides the data used to forecast project costs and revenues.

  • Connect to Structure by Tempo, a Tempo Trusted App that allows you to plan work for multiple teams in Tempo Timesheets and Planner, and then take that data to Structure to visualize, track, and manage progress and time data across your Jira projects and teams.

    When you connect Structure with Cost Tracker, you can create projects from structures that you’re already using to track your project. These structures can include work from cross-functional teams or multiple Jira projects.

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