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Get Started with Cost Tracker

Cost Tracker for Tempo leverages the time tracking data from Timesheets by Tempo to deliver a financial snapshot that shows you at a glance how your project's total costs track toward a budget.

A Cost Tracker project is defined with a single Jira filter, a structure, Jira projects, or Jira epics. Time logged to Jira issues or subtasks included in the filter is translated into labor costs.

The following information guides you through creating your first Cost Tracker project quickly.

Before You Begin

Quick Start

  1. Open Tempo from the Jira Apps menu.

  2. Select the Cost Tracker icon from the Tempo sidebar.

  3. Click Create Tempo Project to create your first Tempo project in Cost Tracker. 

    • Optionally, specify which Jira issues you want to include in your project using Jira projects, epics, a JQL filter, or a structure to define the scope.

Watch our video: Take a Tour of Cost Tracker

Once you've created your project, you can add expenses related to your project, set up a budget, or set rates for project team members.

Check out the videos in this playlist to see how to use Tempo Cost Tracker: How to Use Tempo Cost Tracker and Tempo Budgets

Learn More

For more comprehensive information about setting up and configuring Cost Tracker, view these pages:

If you haven’t set up Timesheets by Tempo before, or need a refresher, check out the Administrator's Guide .

For more information about what you can do with a Cost Tracker project, check out these pages:

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