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Comparing Planned Hours Versus Actual Hours

Before approving project hours for team members, you can compare the submitted project hours to the planned hours allocated in Tempo Planner. The planned hours are retrieved based on the project scope for the selected approval period in Financial Manager.


Planned hours are shown if members were allocated planned hours in Tempo Planner for the scope of the project during the selected timeline.

Planned hours are not displayed if no planned hours are allocated or if Tempo Planner is not accessible. The appropriate notification is displayed if Tempo Planner is uninstalled or unlicensed. Another notification is displayed if you don't have permission to access it.


Before You Begin

  • If you want to compare planned hours to actual hours, you must have Tempo Planner installed.

  • An administrator must grant you permission to access Tempo Planner in Jira Settings > System > Global Permissions. Select Tempo Planner Access and grant it to the group that you belong to. You can also be added to an existing Jira group that has this permission.

Compare Planned Hours

To assist project owners during the time approval process, planned hours are shown to provide a comparison with actual hours. As a project owner, you can view the time spent by your team members next to the planned time of the same project within the approval period.

For example, a team member worked 30 hours on a project but was planned to work 40 hours for this month. Before approving the hours, a project owner can question the difference in hours and the reasons for logging fewer hours than what was planned.


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