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Understanding the Project Time Approval Workflow

When Project Time Approval is enabled, project owners can review and approve hours from various teams working on the same Cost Tracker project. They can review their project team members' hours with the same cadence configured for Tempo Timesheets. This gives project owners the granularity to approve those hours.

Project hours that are approved in Cost Tracker don’t impact the team members' submitted timesheets. Similarly, the approved hours in the team members' timesheets have no impact on the status of the project hours in Cost Tracker.

Cost Tracker Project Time Approval is a separate layer of approving hours enabled by project owners for the purpose of approving hours that pertain to their own Cost Tracker projects.

Before You Begin

Project Time Approval must be enabled for Cost Tracker by a Tempo administrator. If Project Time Approval is not enabled, you can’t view any tasks or receive emails.

Project Time Approval Workflow

  1. After users submit their hours in Tempo Timesheets for the active period, Cost Tracker detects the hours that belong to a Cost Tracker project and places them in the Waiting for approval status.

  2. An email request is sent to the project owner to approve the submitted hours.

  3. In Cost Tracker’s Approval tab, a project owner can drill down in the Timesheet view to see the logged hours before approving the hours for the specific projects.

  4. When a project owner approves or rejects the submitted hours, the logged hours are marked accordingly. This completes the approval process, and no further action is required.

If project owners choose to reject the submitted hours, then they can decide whether to follow up with the team leads in order to advise their team members to revise and resubmit the hours for approval.

Approval Status

The approval status shows the status of the project hours from the time they are logged to the time they are approved or rejected in the Project Time Approval workflow.




Hours appear in the Open status for the duration of the open period and before they are submitted in My Work. This gives project owners a heads-up about the hours that require approval.

Waiting for approval

Hours are submitted and waiting to be approved by the project owner. An email is sent to the inbox to notify project owners that team members' hours for their projects were submitted.


Project hours are approved by the project owner. Hours are marked as approved.


Project hours are rejected by the project owner. Hours are marked as rejected. No notification is sent to the team members.

Notification Emails - Request For Approval

A notification email is sent to project owners when:

  • The project is In progress or On Hold status.
    If hours are logged when the project is in Completed status, then no email requests will be sent.

  • The submitted timesheets belong to a team member who is part of the current project's team.

  • The number of hours that are submitted in the period is more than 0 hours.

The Waiting for Approval email is sent to the project owner with a link to access the hours in the timesheet view. This view shows a breakdown of the hours worked on the project.

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