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Structure by Tempo

With Structure, a Tempo Trusted app, integrated with Timesheets and Planner, you can plan work for multiple teams in a central location and then use that data in Structure to visualize, track, and manage the work.

This integration allows you to:

  • Add Tempo Work Logged data as columns in a structure

  • Use worked logged data in Structure formulas, generators, and transformations

  • Organize the data in a structure data based on Tempo accounts and Tempo teams

Before You Begin

  • You must have installed Structure Cloud by Tempo.

  • You must be a Jira Admin.

Connect Timesheets and Structure

  1. Select Apps on the Tempo sidebar.

  2. Locate the Connect to Structure tile and click Install.

    Structure app.png

  3. If you haven't installed Structure on your Jira instance, the installation will fail and you will receive an error. Install Structure first, and then return to try Connect Structure again.

Once installed, the Connect to Structure tile moves to the Installed section. You can then use the Tempo Work Logged and Tempo Planned Time columns in your structures.

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