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Performance Considerations

If you have a large Jira instance (hundreds of thousands of issues), there are a few things to bear in mind when working with Structure.

  • The recommended limit for the number of issues in one structure is 100K. Even at this point, Structure already might be working noticeably slower, especially if there are many users working with the Structure Board at the same time. If you have more issues than that, we recommend that you distribute the issues between several smaller structures (5-10K issues per structure works well). Having a large number of structures has less of an impact on performance.
  • Structure's automation feature can place an additional load on servers, particularly as users are first learning to optimize their structures. Structure has some built-in protections, such as pausing Automation when generation times take too long, but you can also limit the access to Automation by changing permission to access Automation
  • If necessary, you can switch off some parts of Structure to reduce the load (for example, the Structure panel on the Issue Page) and limit the group of users Structure is exposed to (see Structure Best Practices).
  • If you experience other performance issues, please contact Tempo Support.
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