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Build a Roadmap from an Existing Structure

It’s also possible to build a Roadmunk roadmap from an existing structure.

If you’ve already built a roadmap in Structure, the following guide will show you how to integrate that roadmap with Roadmunk.

In order to build a roadmap from a structure, the structure must be built in Power Mode.

1. Create a New Roadmap

Create a new, blank roadmap in Roadmunk.

Integrate the roadmap with Structure. This will create a new structure.

Learn more: Integrate a Roadmap with Structure.

2. Add Issues to the New Structure

The new structure created by the integration will be blank.

Next, you need to copy your original structure (with your existing roadmap) to the new structure:

  • Open the original structure in the secondary panel.

  • If your original structure has generators, simply copy those to the new Roadmunk-integrated structure. If you manually created the structure, copy all the issues into the new Roadmunk-integrated structure.

We recommend using a structure built with generators because these will stay synced with Jira.

You should now have an exact copy of your original structure.

For best results, after building your new structure, we recommend:

  • Copying the permissions from the original structure to the new structure.

  • Archiving the original structure.

3. Refresh the Roadmap

In Roadmunk, return to your roadmap and refresh the Structure integration. This will populate your roadmap with the items from Structure.

Larger structures will take more time to import than shown here.

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