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Sub-items and Jira/Azure DevOps Integrated Roadmaps

Available on the following plans:

  • Business

  • Professional

  • Enterprise

Synchronizing Sub-items to Jira & Azure DevOps

While Roadmunk supports the ability to create Sub-items that are synchronized with Jira and Azure DevOps, there is a slight limitation to be aware of when working with this feature. Roadmunk's Sub-items feature, in addition to Key Dates, Milestones, and Linked Items, exists solely on Roadmunk and cannot be reflected in the integrated tools at this time. Though items synchronized can be setup to use these Roadmunk exclusive features and details, it's worth being aware of the fact that the parent and child structure cannot be synchronized back.

Roadmaps without Date Mapping

If dates are not mapped to Roadmunk during the initial setup of your Jira or Azure DevOps integration, then you are able to take full advantage of Roadmunk's sub-items feature on your items. This includes the ability to set items pulled from projects and boards as both parent and child items, retain the parent-child structure on the roadmap in any future syncs, and apply Linked Items to them. If dates are not added in Roadmunk, Relates To will be the Linked Item type available to use. If dates are added in Roadmunk, all Linked Item types will be available. Read more about Linked Items here.

Roadmaps with Date Mapping

If dates are mapped to Roadmunk during the initial setup of your Jira or Azure DevOps integration, there are some slight limitations that you may run into. Users will not be able to create sub-items and the Linked Item type available will be Relates To. If these are blockers, the suggested workaround would be to create a new roadmap and re-sync the same project/board from Jira or Azure DevOps without mapping the dates. For more information on setting up an integrated roadmap, click here for Jira and here for Azure DevOps.

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