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Using Memos in Structure.Gantt

Structure Memos can be used for planning and timeline visualization in Structure.Gantt.

By default, memos are shown as tasks within the Gantt chart. If field values have been added to the memo, these values can be used for scheduling and resource assignment, just like for Jira issues.

Memos can also be turned into milestones (see "Phase 1 complete" in the chart above) by clicking the Milestones button in the Gantt toolbar.

Using Slices for Memos

Using Slices, you can customize the chart behavior for memos. This can be useful if you want memos to behave differently from other items in the chart. For example, at this time memos do not support all the fields that Jira issues do - using a slice, you can customize the way memos are visualized based on their available fields, without affecting the rest of your chart.

To assign a slice to memos, in the Item type field, select Structure Type and Memo.

Gantt Slice configuration with Memo selected as the Item type

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