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Structure.Gantt API Overview

There are three parts of Structure.Gantt functionality that are currently available through the API for developers: Gantt Chart, Baseline, and Resource Leveling APIs. Below, you will find brief descriptions of each API, along with links to their detailed documentation.

Gantt Chart API

The Gantt Chart API manages the creation, modification, and retrieval of Gantt charts. The Gantt chart is a central concept in Structure.Gantt. 3669618500.

  • Key Features:
    • Create new Gantt charts.
    • Update existing Gantt charts.
    • Fetch Gantt charts based on specific criteria.

The Gantt Chart API is accessible via Java API (see GanttChartManager) and REST API.

Baseline API

The Baseline API manages baselines within Gantt charts. Learn more about the Baselines.

  • Key Features:
    • Create baselines for existing Gantt charts.
    • Update and delete baselines.
    • Retrieve baselines.

The Baseline API is accessible via Java API (see BaselineManager) and REST API.

Resource Leveling API

The Resource Leveling API addresses resource over-allocations within Gantt charts by adding additional delays to tasks based on resource availability, ensuring resources are not over-committed.
Learn more about the Resource Leveling.

  • Key Features:
    • Initiate the resource leveling processes for specified users, teams, and date ranges.
    • Stop existing processes.
    • Get information about currently running processes.

The Resource Leveling API is accessible via Java API (see ResourceLevelingManager) and REST API.

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