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Setting Project Cost Rates

Project cost rates are the hourly rate for the team members and are used to calculate project costs.

You can set global rates for each team role in Global Settings. When assigning roles to individuals in projects or teams, the global rates are applied automatically for each individual. Cost rates can be overwritten at the project level, where necessary.

The project can use:

  • A default cost rate for all team members.

  • The global cost rates.

  • Individual cost rates for each team member. These can be fixed or changed based on dates.

Before You Begin

  • Cost rates that are defined at the project level and can only be viewed by a project owner or collaborator.

  • A Jira Administrator cannot view the cost rates of a project unless they are the owner or collaborator of that project.

  • Role-based rates are set at a global level and don't require an additional Cost Tracker permission to view.

Set Fixed Project Cost Rates

  1. Select your project.

  2. Click Configuration in the upper right corner.

  3. Select the Cost Rates tab in the left panel.

  4. Set any of the following rates:

    • Hourly Cost Rate: This rate is the default rate applied to the project for roles with undefined rates. When a team member logs time for the first time, the default rate is automatically applied.

    • Apply Global Cost Rates: This applies the Global Cost Rates to the selected roles and can be enabled automatically in Project Defaults.

      When applying the global cost rates option, the rates are centrally managed from the Global Settings Rates. Those rates cannot be edited on this page.

      Any changes made to the Global Cost Rates are reflected here automatically. If this is disabled, the last Cost Rates that were set in this project's configuration are used.

    • Cost Rate: This hourly rate is for team members who have logged time on your project. It is populated with the global rate setting for the selected role when enabled. If you wish to change it, you can set the Cost Rate value with the new rate.

      This rate is then used instead of the Hourly Cost Rate for this team member. All hours logged by this team member are calculated with this rate regardless of when you added the rate.

    • Flexible Cost Rates can be added based on a set effective date.


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