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Setting a Default Project Configuration

If you frequently use similar configurations for your projects, you can define a default project configuration that is used to create new projects. This can save you time and energy when creating projects.

You can change or update both your project configuration settings and your default project configuration at any time.

The default project configuration can only be updated by a Tempo Administrator; however, the project scope can only be changed by the project owner.

The default project configuration is also used by projects created using Tempo’s public API.


Before You Begin

  • You must be a Tempo Administrator to complete these steps.

  • If you want all new projects to include project time approval, you must first enable it.

Configure Your Project Defaults

  1. Navigate to Tempo Settings.

  2. Under Tempo Projects, click Project Defaults.

  3. Make any changes to the default project settings.
    Revenue Tracking must be On to apply account rates.

Changes are applied immediately. The next time someone creates a project, including through the API, the settings in your Project Defaults are used.

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