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Adding Metadata for Findability

Project managers can add project attributes, or metadata created by Tempo Administrators, to their projects to organize, filter, and sort them. For example, a Tempo administrator can create a Priority project attribute, and then a Financial Manager project manager can add the Priority attribute to their project. The project can then be sorted by priority, so high-priority projects appear at the top of the project list.

  • Filter the project list using a project field or a project attribute field. Only the fields with single-choice data types appear in the filter. Click the Filter box and select a choice for the field or project attribute you are selecting.

  • Sort the project fields or project attributes in ascending or descending order.

Project attributes must be defined by a Tempo Administrator at the global level in Tempo Settings before a project manager or owner can add the attribute to a Financial Manager project.

When you view projects in Financial Manager, the project metadata is listed for all projects in the project list. Only project attributes that are used by a Financial Manager project appear in the list. The sum of any amount type fields is calculated and displayed at the bottom of the Project List table.


Project attributes are added in two different procedures:

  1. Define project attributes in Tempo Settings for the organization.

  2. Add project attributes to individual Financial Manager projects.

Before You Begin

Define Tempo Project Attributes for the Organization

  1. Navigate to Settings.

  2. In the Tempo Projects section, click Project Attributes.

  3. Click the + New Project Attribute.

    The New Project Attribute window opens.

  4. Enter the Name of the attribute. Attributes are displayed in the Project List in alphabetical order.

  5. Select a Type:

    • Amount - Project managers can enter up to 16digits, formatted to 2 decimal points.

    • Date - Project managers can select a date, formatted per your date preference.

    • Number - Project managers can enter up to 16 digits.

    • Select List (single choice) - Project managers can select a value from a list.

    • Text (single line) - Project managers can enter text in a text field.

    • User (single user) - Project managers can select a user from a list of users.

  6. If you selected a Select List (single choice), add the list values in Options. These values appear in the drop-down list. You can enter up to 50 characters per value.

    You can drag the values into different positions in the list, change the values, or remove them.

  7. Click Save.

You can add up to ten project attributes. Attributes are available to Financial Manager projects.

When you view the project attributes list, you can see how many projects use the attributes, edit the attributes, and delete them.

Delete a Project Attribute

Delete a project attribute from the Project Attributes page in Tempo Settings. If the project attribute is currently used in existing projects, a confirmation message notifies you of the number of projects that currently have a value set for the attribute.


The data stored in the projects with this attribute is permanently deleted.

Add Metadata to Your Project

  1. Open a Financial Manager project.

  2. Click the Configuration tab.

  3. Click Project Attributes in the left panel.

  4. If the Project Attributes page is empty, contact your Tempo Administrator to define the attributes that you wish to add to your projects.

  5. Enter the values for each attribute.

This metadata is now included in the Project list table. You're now able to organize your projects based on this additional project data.

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