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Enable Project Time Approval

Project owners can verify and approve project hours - the hours worked by team members on the project - directly in Cost Tracker. Project time approval doesn’t impact time tracking or billing in other apps, such as Timesheets.

This allows project owners and team leaders to ensure that only time spent on the project is counted.

For more information about approving hours in Cost Tracker, see Understanding the Project Time Approval Workflow.

To approve project hours in Cost Tracker:

  1. Enable Project Time Approval in Tempo Settings for the organization.

  2. Enable it for individual Cost Tracker projects.

Before You Begin

  • To modify Tempo Settings, you must have Tempo administrator permissions

  • To modify Cost Tracker project settings, you must be a Cost Tracker user with Project owner permissions for the project.

Enable Project Time Approval for the Organization in Tempo Settings

You must first enable Project Time Approval for all Cost Tracker projects. After it’s enabled, the option is visible and available to all projects.

  1. Navigate to Settings.

  2. Under the Tempo Projects section, select Project Features.

  3. Toggle Enable Project Time Approval.


Cost Tracker project owners can now view and enable Project Time Approval for their projects.

Enable Project Time Approval for Projects

If the option Project Time Approval option is not visible in your project’s configuration, it must be enabled in Tempo Settings first for your organization.

  1. In Cost Tracker, select the project for which you want to approve project hours.

  2. Click on the Configuration tab.

  3. In the General section, scroll down to the Project Time Approval

  4. Toggle Project Time Approval.

    A confirmation message notifies you that the feature is now activated.


  5. The Approvals tab in the top right is added to your Tempo project. Click the tab to access the project time approval workflow.


Disable Project Time Approval for Projects

When you disable Project Time Approval for a project or organization, approval data is no longer visible.

If Project Time Approval is disabled on the organization level, the option is not available to Cost Tracker projects, and the Approvals tab is hidden.

A Project Owner can disable Project Time Approval for your individual Cost Tracker projects in your project configuration, or a Tempo administrator can disable the option for the entire organization.

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