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Setting a Team's Visibility to Others

You may not want everyone to be able to view your team. You can set view restrictions for the team so that only specific Jira users or groups can see your team and its members.

  1. On the team's permissions page, click the button next to Team is visible to.

  2. Select who should see this team:

  • Everyone – Team is visible to anyone on this Jira instance.

  • Specific users – Team is visible to the Team Lead, Team Members, anyone with the Tempo Team Administrator permission, and Jira users or groups that are added to a permission role for the team. 

    Setting up a team's visibility for other users

If you want your team to be visible to specific non-team members, you can create a permission role that grants no team permissions. Then you can add Jira users or groups to this permission role that will only have the View team permission.

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