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Setting up Meetings for Time Attribution

When you create meetings or other calendar events, use descriptive content to help Capacity Insights correctly attribute time.

We categorize activities into overhead activities and core activities. Overhead activities are time spent away from core work, such as coding, code reviews, or problem-solving meetings.

Overhead Activities

Capacity Insights currently recognizes four types of overhead events from your calendars:

  • Company-wide Staff meetings

  • 1:1 meetings

  • Agile meetings

  • Out of Office

We recommend you include some variation of the event type in your calendar event. These meetings are primarily attributed to “1:1s,” “Agile Meetings,” and “Staff Meetings.” You can also use the list of recommended calendar event titles to help ensure the events are properly attributed.

Core Activities

When you create meetings or events to concentrate on core work, include the Jira issue. For example, if you block some time to work through a tricky user journey, include the Jira issue in the event name. This helps attribute the time you spend working to the actual Jira issue.

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