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Capacity Insights FAQ

Capacity Insights is designed to make every sprint count by optimizing your engineering efforts with valuable insights into how time and resources are allocated. It uses work signals your engineers already provide when using Jira and other tools. It is intended to reduce both the time they spend tracking their time and the effort it takes to ensure they’re tracking the right things.

With Capacity Insights, worklogs are automatically created. Depending on your configuration, your engineers are prompted every few days to review their worklogs to ensure the worklogs are accurate in both duration and attributed Jira issues. As time progresses, the worklogs are more accurate, and engineers are prompted to review their worklogs less frequently.

Who is suited for Capacity Insights?

Capacity Insights is not suitable for every team. As most work signals are through Jira and other developer tools, Capacity Insights works well for product development teams or internal IT organizations.

We don’t recommend using Capacity Insights for teams that:

  • Track billable hours

  • Track CapEx

  • Require a high degree of time-tracking accuracy

New team members experience lower accuracy until they’ve provided sufficient feedback.

What if I want more functionality?

Capacity Insights integrates with Tempo Timesheets. If you need to extend the capabilities of your Capacity Insights installation with functionality like billable hours tracking, you can always purchase Tempo Timesheets to track time more granularly. During the Beta period, you may want to keep Capacity Insights and Timesheets separate.

How does it work?

Capacity Insights ingests data from Jira and integration apps connected to your teams' calendars and other tools, such as GitHub. Using signals such as commit messages and Jira issue IDs, it predicts the time team members spend working on specific issues, even if the time is distributed between Jira, GitHub, or their calendars. It then creates a worklog associated with the Jira issue ID.

Depending on how Capacity Insights is configured, team members are prompted to review their worklogs to validate that the correct worklog was created. They can add, delete, or edit worklogs as needed. As time passes, your team members should be prompted for feedback less frequently because Capacity Insights is predicting their worklogs more accurately.

What happens to my data?

Data about what your team members do and how long it takes them to do it is saved to create more accurate worklogs. Your code base is not saved or read.

Tempo Software is not interested in your proprietary data; we are only interested in data that helps us create more accurate worklogs for you.

Visit for more information about Tempo Software's data retention and privacy policy.

Can I install other Tempo products?

You can install Capacity Insights and Tempo Timesheets together with some potential modifications to your Timesheets setup.

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