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Dashboard Gadgets

Time Reports allows you to configure your Jira dashboards to see and track reports quickly. Jira dashboards provide a convenient and visual way to monitor and interact with multiple reports simultaneously. You can use the Jira dashboard settings to set up the look of your dashboard. For example, in the Change layout setting, you can select a Three columns view:


To add a gadget to a Jira Dashboard:

  1. On your Jira dashboard, select Add gadget.

  2. Type “prime” in the search box to narrow the selection.

  3. Next to Time Reports, select Add.


    Note: You can add multiple gadgets by repeating this step and configure the gadgets after you return to the Jira dashboard.

  4. When you are finished, select Close.

  5. The Time Reports gadget is displayed on your dashboard and is ready for you to configure. Note: The name may display as “Timesheet”.

To configure a gadget:

  1. After you have added a Time Reports gadget to the Jira dashboard, select the more menu in the gadget ().

  2. Select Configure.


    Note: From this gadget menu, you can also set a highlight color for the gadget on the dashboard, as well as Refresh or Delete the gadget.

  3. From the Report dropdown list, select the report that you want to display.


  4. (Optional) Add a title and edit any other report settings.

  5. Select Save.

  6. After the gadget is set up, you can interact with the report directly in the dashboard. For example, in the Time Reports gadget, you can log time or access issues. If you need to access the full report page, select the Open report page arrow.

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