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API Changes in Structure 7.0

1. Minor Java API Release

There are a few API additions coming with this release. The changes are backwards-compatible, so any code using API 17.x should work fine.

Jira Version

New API Version



See Structure API Versions for full version information and downloads.

2. Compatible Changes in the Java API

Several new item types have been introduced in Structure 7.0. CoreItemTypes has corresponding constants for them: ATTACHMENTCOMMENTWORKLOGISSUE_LINKISSUE_LINK_TYPE. Also there are new methods in CoreIdentities to create item identities of these types.

Attribute Grouper replaces Text Grouper in Structure 7.0. New GROUPER_ATTRIBUTE constant have been added to CoreStructureGenerators and GROUPER_TEXT has been marked @Deprecated.

CoreIdentities has new methods to create item identities using String id: priority(String)status(String)resolution(String)label(String)issueType(String). Also several new methods have been added to CoreIdentities for checking item type of ItemIdentity.

We have renamed confirm parameter to requiresConfirmation in EffectorProcessManager.startProcess() methods and fixed a mistake in Javadoc describing this parameter.

Effector components are now available in  StructureComponents:

  • StructureComponents.getEffectorInstanceManager()
  • StructureComponents.getEffectorProcessManager()
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