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Working with Global Item Search

There are two ways to search for what you’re looking for in Roadmunk: 

  • Top right hand navigation 

  • Left hand menu on the Roadmunk homepage 

To search for an Item: 

Searching for an item

  1. Go to top navigation search bar noted with magnifying glass

  2. Type the item you are looking for

  3. Clicking on the item name will open up the item card and clicking on the roadmap will open the item card within the roadmap

  4. Results will open the item card within the roadmap it resides in

To search for a Roadmap or Field:

Searching for a roadmap or field
  1. Go to left navigation 

  2. Click on a tab that displays either Fields or Roadmaps
    NOTE: Tabs include: My Roadmaps, Shared with Me, Portfolios, Recent, Fields and Stared Fields

  3. Type the field or roadmap you are looking in the search bar

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