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Use & Explore Roadmap Templates

Getting started is fast and simple when you use one of our ready-made fully customizable roadmap templates. The templates are the result of our analysis of thousands of use cases that we've translated into an easily digestible form you can leverage to roadmap with ease. 

Our templates come with the fields, views, and even the data best suited to the roadmap's use case, so they practically do all the work for you. They're also a great way to get ideas and learn about roadmapping best practices by testing them out first.

Explore Popular Roadmap Templates

Product Roadmap


A product roadmap is a visual communication tool that illustrates high-level product strategy. Product roadmaps include upcoming features and technical considerations, and often demonstrate how a product will evolve over time—although not all roadmaps are built on a timeline. Product managers use product roadmaps to align internal stakeholders and educate the market on their vision. Learn more >>

Business Roadmap


A business roadmap is a visualization of your company’s major objectives and strategies. Stakeholders use business roadmaps to illustrate initiatives and deadlines happening in different departments. Much like a business plan, a roadmap gives the long view of where your organization is going and how it will get there. For businesses to succeed, stakeholders need a shared understanding of the big picture. Business roadmaps knock down silos between teams and provide a clear vision of the future. Learn more >>

Agile Roadmap


An agile roadmap illustrates how your product or technology will evolve—with a lot of flexibility. Unlike time-based roadmaps, which focus on dates and deadlines, agile roadmaps focus on themes and progress. We like to think of any roadmap as a “statement of intent,” because it implies that plans can and will change. Agile roadmaps encapsulate this thinking: they’re a statement of where you’re going, not a hard-and-fast plan. Learn more >>

Technology Roadmap


An IT roadmap aligns business goals to the IT strategy needed to meet those goals. IT roadmaps are strategic documents outlining how your organization will build and maintain technology solutions to support your wider vision. An IT roadmap helps technology leaders plan ahead and avoid putting out fires. It’s a statement of intent that guides change and innovation. Learn more >>

Roadmunk has many more templates, including Feature, Project, Product Development, Program, Marketing, Startup, HR, and Strategic. You can find out everything about our templates on the Roadmunk website. 

Creating a Roadmap from a Template

All Roadmunk roadmap templates are built into the application so they can be leveraged for quick and easy roadmapping. It's just a matter of opening the Templates folder in the Roadmap Home, selecting the template, and duplicating it. You can even preview the template to make sure it's really what you want.

To get started creating a roadmap from a template, go to Create a new roadmap.

Creating a roadmap from a template

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