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Step 8 - Share your Roadmap

One of the more powerful features of Roadmunk is the ability to share your roadmaps with members of your team, leadership, and other stakeholders. 

Roadmunk gives you two options when sharing a roadmap: you can give a user Edit access, or View-Only access. Which option you choose will depend on your reason for sharing the roadmap. Do you want the person you're sharing with to collaborate on the roadmap, or do you want them to review the roadmap and provide feedback?

NOTE: You can only share a roadmap if you are the Owner.

If you want someone on your Roadmunk account to collaborate on one of your roadmaps, share the roadmap with them and give them Editor permissions. In addition to viewing and commenting, roadmap Editors can add, edit, and delete items and milestones, apply filters, and create new views.

If you want someone to be able to review your roadmap, share the roadmap with them as and give them Viewer permissions. Roadmap Viewers can view the roadmap and add comments and mentions.

Selecting the roadmap you want to share

From the Roadmap Home

  1. If you are not already in the Roadmap Home, click the

Home icon in the upper-left corner of the application screen.

  1. In the

My Roadmaps tab, select the roadmap you want to share.

  1. On the roadmap toolbar, click the

Share icon.

From the roadmap


  1. On the Roadmap navbar, click the Share icon. 

When you mouse over the item you can see how many people are already sharing the roadmap and the type of access they have.

Sharing the roadmap

  1. In the

Share Settings dialog, click in the Invite Users field and select the user you want to share the roadmap with. You can also start typing the user's name.

You'll see the user's name added to the Users with Access list below. You'll also see your name on the list as the roadmap's Owner.


  1. In the

Permissions dropdown next to the user's name, select Edit to share the roadmap as an Editor or View only to share the roadmap as a Viewer.

If View Only is automatically selected and you can't change the selection, it means the user's role does not allow them to be an Editor.

If you want to share the roadmap with other users, add them to the list following the same steps.

  1. To save the roadmap's sharing settings, click


Change a user's sharing permissions

To change a user's sharing permissions to a roadmap, follow the same steps above to select the roadmap and open the Sharing Settings dialog. In the Permissions dropdown, change the selection to Edit or View only as appropriate, and then click Save

Remove someone's sharing permissions

If you no longer want to share a roadmap with a user, follow the same steps above to select the roadmap and open the Sharing Settings dialog.

  1. In the Share Settings dialog, mouse over the user's name next to the Permissions dropdown.

  2. Click the X icon when it appears. The user should now be removed from the Users with Access list.

  3. Click Save.

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Step 9 - Export Roadmap Items and Milestones

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