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Embedding a Roadmunk URL in Confluence

You can easily embed a published URL export of your roadmap from Roadmunk into a Confluence page.

Adding an iFrame macro to a Confluence page

Adding an iFrame macro to a Confluence page
  1. Navigate to the Confluence page you wish to embed the URL in

  2. Click on the Insert more content + button

  3. From the drop down, select Other macros

  4. Search for and select the iFrame macro

Adding the Roadmunk Export URL to the iframe macro

  1. Under the URL input field, past your Roadmunk Export URL

  2. Scroll down and find the Width and Height input fields.

    • Recommended Width (in pixels): 1366 (Default for iFrame Macro)

    • Recommended Height (in pixels): 800

  3. Find the frameborder drop-down and select hide

  4. To ensure larger roadmaps can scroll properly, find the Scrolling option and select "auto".

  5. Click Insert to add the iframe macro to your Confluence page

  6. Click the blue publish button to publish your Confluence page. Your Roadmunk roadmap should now be visible


When you publish to a URL, you create a shareable link pointing to an image of the view that is stored with your data on the Roadmunk host. By clicking on the Items on the Roadmap, users can see item card details. The only details users can't see are activity, attached files, and ideas.

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