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API - Mutation for Creating a Single Roadmunk Field (Account and Roadmap)

A mutation to create a new Roadmap or Account-level Field based on any of the following field types:

  • List Field

  • Multi-List Field

  • Number Field

  • Team Member Field

  • Text Field

Number Fields can include additional information pertaining to the exact type of numeric field including currency information, numeric format and decimal places.

If roadmapID is not defined, the field created will automatically be an Account-level field. Format, decimalPlaces and currency arguments cannot be set for fields that are not of the type Numeric.

Sample Mutation 1 (Roadmap Level Multi-select Field)


Sample Response 1 (Roadmap Level Multi-select Field)


Sample Mutation 2 (Account Level Number Field)


Sample Response 2 (Account Level Number Field)



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