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2018-02-08 | Tempo Timesheets for Server 8.8 Release

Tempo Timesheets for Server 8.8 has been released. It includes new functionality where you can use teams a custom field for your issues, event listening functionality in the Tempo REST API, and configurable options for both the team field and the role seettings under Configurations in the Tempo Teams section of the Administration section.

New Features

  • Events have been created on the main Tempo entities so that customers can now listen for those events and customize their apps.
  • You can now choose to make the team field mandatory, and have the ability to rename it; if you are using Jira Portfolio, it also has a field labeled 'team'.
  • Both the team field and role settings can now be configured under Configurations in the Tempo Teams section of the add-on administration page.  The 'Account configuration' page has been renamed to 'Configuration'; it is still found the Tempo Accounts section.

Bug fixes

  • The username is now correctly displayed so that a user can be moved between Workload Schemes.
  • List of reviewers in Plan Time dialog in Timesheets is fixed. The list of reviewers should be users with Plan Time permission.
  •  The '500' error that occurred when changing the period start date a second time is fixed.
  •  Incorrect ordering of columns in Accounts import validation screen is fixed.
  • The scheduler is now properly closing the period for time registration. 
  • Fixed incorrect display of user picker custom field in Timesheets export.
  • Incorrect worklog sum in the User Timesheet gadget is fixed. The total hours logged now add up correctly.
  • Fixed issue where Tempo actions are not available when only Planning Approvals are enabled.
  • A character display error in notification emails is fixed.
  • Plan per day now works as intended, showing the correct number of hours for each day of the plan.
  • Dynamic dropdowns are now accepting multiple parameters in the URL when logging work in the issue view.
  • Improvement to how we search through group permissions when loading up the User Timesheet ensures better performance.
  • Fixed the dead link in Team Calendar when browsing component plan.
  • A user with Approve Timesheets permission can now change the Holiday scheme for a team member.

Upgrading to Tempo Timesheets for Server 8.8 is free for all customers with an active Tempo license. Upgrade Tempo by using the JIRA Universal Plugin Manager (UPM).

This release is compatible with products listed in the Compatibility Page and the following Tempo plugins.

Click here to view plugins bundled with this release...
  • Tempo Core 4.7.0
  • Tempo Accounts 3.6.0
  • Tempo Teams 3.6.0
  • Tempo Planning API 3.12.0
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