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2017-11-13 | Tempo Timesheets for Server 8.6 Release

This release includes some improvements to make loading work attributes faster, and also a new feature that allows account managers to set Revenue Targets when creating new accounts. There are also some bugfixes and database changes in this release.

  • Database changes

    In this release we're adding DB columns. The following columns are added:

    LAST_UPDATED_BY added to table AO_2D3BEA_WORKFLOW 
    and column 


    • Improve speed loading values for specific worklog attribute
    • Improve speed loading work attributes of a specific type
    • Work attributes configuration page blank in IE11
    • As an account manager, I would like to be able to set the Revenue Target when creating a new account

    Bug fixes

    • Bulk editing account field value is not respecting Account-Project links when bulk editing for multiple projects
    • Can't remove account after it's no longer linked to the project
    • Issue panel: lower_user_name arguments SQL query crashing a jira instance
    • Time Planning different with Tempo Budget/Timesheet
    • Dynamic dropdown work attribute dependent on account work attribute doesn't work
    • Logging work should never impact "Original Estimate" of an issue

Upgrading to Tempo Timesheets for Server 8.6 is free for all customers with an active Tempo license. Upgrade Tempo by using the JIRA Universal Plugin Manager (UPM).

This release is compatible with products listed in the Compatibility Page and the following Tempo plugins.

Click here to view plugins bundled with this release...
  • Tempo Core 4.5.0
  • Tempo Accounts 3.4.0
  • Tempo Teams 3.4.0
  • Tempo Planning API 3.10.0
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