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2017-07-19 | Tempo Planner for Server 4.1 Release

Tempo Planner 4.1 includes the ability to plan your own work on the timeline, new keyboard shortcuts, simplified editing of repeatable plans, amongst other improvements.

  • Improvements

    • Update to a newer version of React 15.4.0 in Tempo Planner.
    • Multiple user tracking improvements made.
    • Reverted Indexing process.
    • Change default Team Planning page to Timeline.
    • Improve Delete Plan Dialog.
    • Search for Project by Project Key in create plan sidebar.
    • Version drop-zone acting weird when moving issues into version.
    • Keyboard shortcut "Delete" is available for user with "Work on issues" permission on other user plans.
  • Fixes

    • Fixed incorrect empty state text in Program Timeline.

    • Fixed firefox screen refresh error when switching teams.
    • Planner Overview not loading in IE 11.
    • User Agenda Gadget: Does not sum up the plans if there are two or more on the same issue in the same day.
    • Team Backlog: When dragging issues over epics the boxes collapse.
    • Iteration does not save on Program Timeline.
    • Allocation box-shadow appears too big when dragging box from the sidebar to the timeline.
    • Not possible to split plan if username contains a dot " . ".
    • Sprint view: Cannot Assign Sub-task to Team Member.
    • Broken link from 'Give issues to team' list to Issue.
    • Resize of plan not working correctly when view small months timeline view.
    • Auto- complete not working with non-ascii characters.

Upgrading Tempo Planner is free for all customers with an active Tempo license. Upgrade Tempo by using the JIRA Universal Plugin Manager (UPM).

This release is compatible with products listed in the Compatibility Page, and bundled with the following Tempo System Plugins:

Click here to view plugins bundled with this release...
  • Tempo Core 4.2.0
  • Tempo Accounts 3.1.0
  • Tempo Teams 3.1.0
  • Tempo Planning API 3.7.0
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