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Team Planning based on Jira Epics

The Team Planning feature is a high-level planning view of teams' assigned work, represented by Jira Epics that can be used as a delivery roadmap for the teams. This multi-team planning view provides team managers with insights into the capacity and workload of each team.

The Tempo Planner Team Planning view automatically visualizes Jira Epics that are assigned to Tempo Teams on an intuitive timeline. Those visualized Jira Epics are referred to as team plans in Tempo Planner.


Before you begin make sure :

  • The Tempo Team custom field is made visible in Jira Epics, and the Start date and Due date fields are enabled

  • The Tempo Team, Start date and Due date fields are populated for the Jira Epics

  • The epic-level issue type is named “epic” - issue types with other names will not appear on the timeline.

To begin, switch to Team Planning.

  • Click the Team tab in the upper right corner, to switch from Resource Planning to Team Planning.

  • Add the selected teams to the Team Planning view.

  • Toggle between Weeks, Months and Quarters view to see the roadmap of multiple teams.

  • Move by dragging Jira Epics, now referred to as team plans, across each team's roadmap and edit to set Jira dates and team assignments directly from Team Planning.

Drill down to plan for members of a team in the Weeks view.


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