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Planning Time for Tempo Teams: Switching to Team Planning

Save time when planning for team initiatives by populating Jira Epics with custom Tempo Team and Project Data.

The Team Planning View provides a high-level multi-team plan view, with the ability to see resources grouped by teams and those that might be shared among teams. Team plans that are based on Jira Epics are plotted on the team rows and individual resource allocations are displayed on resource rows.

Prepare Jira Epics for Team Planning

When planning with Jira Epics, Tempo Team and Jira Epic information must be populated in Jira so that team plans are accurately presented in the visualization boards. These are the required fields in Jira:

  • Tempo Team: Assign a Tempo Team to the Epic

  • Start date: Select a Jira issue start date

  • Due date: Select a Jira issue due date

This data is leveraged to generate the Team Planning View in Tempo Planner so that users have the ability to use Team Planning to review the teams' plans. Make sure that those required fields are not left empty; otherwise, the Epics are not shown in the view.

First-time Setup by Administrator:

Administrators are required to set the required fields in Jira once so that when project managers create Epics in Jira, those fields are included to ensure that Epics are populated properly.

  • Configure Issues with custom fields

  • Enable Tempo Team, Start date and Due date fields

  • Populate the Tempo Team information and project dates.

To populate Jira Epics with Tempo Team and Project Data:

  1. In Jira, open the Epic that you wish to assign to a team.

  2. Select a predefined team in the Tempo Team field that you want to work on this epic.

  3. Select the Start date and the Due date for this epic.

Plan Team Level Epics in Jira and Planner

In Tempo Planner, select the Team Planning View and add the Tempo Teams that you wish to track.

To see the Tempo Team Epics in Planner:

  1. Launch Tempo Planner.

  2. In the Resource Planning View, click the Team tab in the top-right corner to switch to Team Planning.

  3. When launching the Team Planning View for the first time, no teams are selected yet. Click Add Teams to select the teams that you want to visualize on the Team Planning View.

  4. Add a team that you wish to view the team plans for. Select other Tempo Team names that you wish to monitor and compare on the same view.

  5. The Team Planning View graphs out the timeline for the selected teams. Scroll across to see the full timeline for the planned Epics.


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