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Structure.Gantt is a relatively new product at the beginning of its journey. Our goal is to continuously improve the power of Structure.Gantt and the benefits it provides, with each new release.

The following features are available in Structure.Gantt.

  • Responsive, configurable, visual Timeline, showing tasks, dependencies and more
  • Structure-generated work breakdown structures with folders and unlimited hierarchy
  • Finish-to-Start, Finish-to-Finish, Start-to-Start and Start-to-Finish dependencies
  • Critical Path highlighting
  • Milestones
  • Automatic Scheduling driven by dependencies (as-soon-as-possible mode)
  • Resource Leveling to automatically solve overallocations
  • Sprint-based Scheduling
  • Manual Scheduling based on custom fields
  • Baselines to track changes over time
  • Effort estimation ("Work" value) based on Time TrackingStory Points, a mix of both, or any other attribute or formula
  • Flexible Resource Allocation charts based on the Assignee field, custom fields, or a Structure formula
  • Per-resource time zone support and configurable calendars
  • Flexible capacity management for resources via a Units value (number of people on a team), an Availability schedule (vacation, illness, etc.), and Max. Units that can be applied to tasks
  • Progress based on Time Tracking, Story Points, or any other attribute or formula
  • Slices to create different configurations for different issue types
  • Gantt chart sharing based on Structure permissions settings
  • Printing and Exporting
  • Gadgets for Jira Dashboard and Confluence
  • What-if Exploration (what happens if I change these values)
  • Actual Start and Finish dates
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