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Organize Multiple Projects

When you have multiple projects, it can be difficult to find your project in the Project List.

You can use tags or project attributes to help organize, sort, and find the projects you’re interested in.


Any project owner or manager can add tags to their project. Tags are keywords that you create to help identify and differentiate your project. You can have up to 5 tags per project, and you can reuse tags from other projects.

Creating and filtering by tags

The Tags column displays all the tags associated with a project. Tags are keywords that you create to help identify your project. You can add tags to projects directly from the Tags field here or from the Configuration page (see Configuring your project for more information). When you have many projects and want to narrow down your search, filtering by one or more tags with the Filter by feature helps you find specific projects.


Project Attributes

Project attributes are metadata that are defined by a Tempo administrator for Cost Tracker projects. These give you more flexibility when adding information to your project. You can include different data types, restrict the metadata into a specific format, include open text, and include users. You can have up to 10 attributes.

For example, you can include a secondary project manager for your projects as a project attribute.

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