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Exporting Portfolio Projects

You can export the Portfolio projects to a .CSV file.

  1. Click the Portfolio tab and select a Portfolio to open it.

  2. In the Summary page, scroll down to the Projects list.


  3. Click the Export portfolio summary to CSV button to export the projects' data to a .CSV file.

    The exported file with the title formatted as <portfolioname>_timestmap.csv is downloaded to your local drive.

  4. Open the .CSV file from your Downloads folder to see it in a comma-separated format or in a spreadsheet format.


    The columns of the exported data are:



Tempo Project

The name of the Cost Tracker project.


The status of this project. This could be In Progress, In Planning, On Hold, or Completed.

Total Task Count

Count of Jira issues/tasks.

Completed Task Count

Count of Jira issues/tasks that are completed.


The currency code.


Allocated budget for this project.


Revenue generated by the project's time record.

If the Revenue setting is not enabled for this project, the field is blank.

Total Labor Cost

Total labor cost incurred by the time record in this project.

Total Expense Cost

The total cost for expenses incurred in this project.

Total Time Spent

Total time spent in seconds.

Start Date

Start date for this project.

End Date

End date for this project.

Team Member Count

The count of team members working on the project.

Scope Last Synced on (UTC)

The date and time the project was last Synced.

If projects are not synced, this field is blank.

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