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Data Residency

Timesheets, Planner, and Cost Tracker apps support data residency for the following regions:

To migrate your Tempo apps data to a specific location, contact Atlassian. Please do not delete any of your Tempo apps, unless requested to do so by Atlassian or the Tempo support team.

After migrating your app data:

  • Slack integration will need to be re-enabled for the new region.

  • OAuth apps and API integration tokens will need to be recreated so they correspond with the new region.

If you experience any issues or have questions about moving your Tempo data, please contact the Tempo Support Team.

Learn More

To learn more about data residency or migrating your data to a specific location, please see the following guides from Atlassian:


  • If you uninstalled/reinstalled a Tempo app and have lost data, please stop using the Tempo app and contact the Tempo Support Team immediately.

  • Timesheets, Planner, and Cost Tracker all need to be installed in the same region to work together. If you already have one of our apps installed and the installation of an additional app fails, please contact our Tempo Support Team so they can investigate.

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