Tempo Timesheets Keyboard Shortcuts

When you're working in Tempo, you want to work quickly, and that means using keyboard shortcuts.

Here are all the keyboard shortcuts you can use in the Tempo apps for Jira Cloud:

Tempo Timesheets shortcuts

What it does and where

g then p

Browse to the current project

Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) + drag

Copy a time record from one date to another in the My Work Calendar

g then ag then h

Go to Agile board

g then t

Go to My Work from anywhere in Jira or Tempo

g then i

Go to the issue navigator


Move among fields in the Log Time form

g then g

Go to the administration search dialog. This is available only if you have the Jira administrator permission.

Alt + click (Windows)

Open the Edit Time Record form for the selected time record in the My Work Calendar


Open the Log Time form from anywhere in Jira or Tempo.

Cmd+Enter (Mac) or Ctrl+Enter (Windows)

Submit the time record from the Log Time form