Team Timesheet Gadget


How to configure the Team Timesheet gadget


Viewing data in the Tempo Team gadgets requires the View Worklogs permission for the team.

The Team Timesheet gadget shows a team's timesheet for a selected period. This gadget helps Team Leads and Executives to track overall worked time for a given team.

For information about how to add the gadget to your Jira dashboard, see Tempo Gadgets.

To configure the Team Timesheet gadget:
  1. Go to your ellipsis.png Jira dashboard and click  in the upper-right corner of the Team Timesheet gadget.

  2. Select Edit.

  3. Edit the gadget configuration:

    • Team – All teams that you have Approve Timesheets permissions for.

    • Period – Select the time period you want to display. Current period and Previous period are configured in Period Configuration.

  4. Click Save to display the results in a graph.

    Configure Tempo Team Timesheet gadget