Office 365 Calendar for Tempo Timesheets


How to install and access Office 365 Calendar for Tempo Timesheets


  • The Office 365 Calendar app is available only to users with the Cloud version of Office 365. Hosted enterprise editions of Office 365 are not supported.

  • Tempo does not store any information from your Office 365 calendar, and calendar events are visible in My Work only while the Office 365 calendar is connected.

Integrating your Office 365 calendar with the My Work Calendar in Tempo Timesheets allows you to see all your scheduled meetings and other events there. Then you can quickly log time by just clicking on the event cards in My Work. If you add the Jira issue key in the title of the Office 365 calendar events (such as INT-45 Meetings), Tempo will pick up the issue key and so that you can log time to that event in just one click!

See Connecting Your External Calendars to My Work for more information.

To access and install the app:

  1. Select Apps Apps.jpg in the Tempo sidebar.

  2. In the Office 365 Calendar tile, click Install.

  3. You will be directed to sign in to your Office 365 account. If you are not already signed in, you need to enter your credentials.

  4. You have two options when connecting to your calendar, you can either connect to the:

    • Enhanced Calendar with automation: This option includes Tempo Automation which helps you log time faster by displaying your calendar events as activities in your Activity Feed. (include exactly what kind of data will be stored). After selecting Sign in, you'll be prompted to connect to a calendar of your choice.

    • Basic Calendar connection: This option offers basic functionality without automation. No information is stored.

    To learn more, see Understanding the difference between Basic and Enhance Calendar connections.

  5. Tempo will then request access permission to your calendar. Click Yes.

  6. If you have more than one Office 365 calendar, select the one you want to display in your My Work calendar, such as the one for work-related events.

  7. Click Go to My Work to see your Calendar events in both the List and Calendar views.

When installed, the Office 365 Calendar app is added to the Installed section of the Tempo Apps home page. 


You can also connect and disconnect the Office 365 Calendar app from the Settings settings-icon-issues-side-panel.png menu in My Work in Tempo Timesheets.