JetBrains Extension for Tempo Timesheets


How to use Tempo Time Tracking for JetBrains


  • This extension is for developers who use Tempo Timesheets on Jira Cloud to log their time.

  • This feature is new and not yet available to all customers. To participate in Tempo's Early Access Program and gain access to this feature, please visit our TempoLab page.

Using Tempo Time Tracking with JetBrains lets you log your time faster in Jira from suggestions provided in Tempo Timesheets. Tempo’s integration with JetBrains automatically detects the time you spend on coding activities and changes made to files in git repositories. When you save a file in JetBrains or commit/checkout in git, the extension will post an event to the Tempo API containing the current branch name, timestamp, and a commit message (if there's a commit). This results in better suggestions for logging time in Tempo Timesheets.


For optimal results, the branch and/or the commit message should contain an issue key.

To get started with Tempo time tracking for JetBrains, you'll need to install the Tempo time tracking extension. Once you've installed the Tempo time tracking extension, you need to use an API token to authenticate Tempo in JetBrains -- then you’ll be ready to go.

Setting Up the Time Tracking Extension

It's easy to get started with Tempo Time Tracking for JetBrains by following these steps:

  1. Make sure you have IntelliJ version 2020.3 or higher and download the Tempo extension.

  2. From within JetBrains, you can start the installation of Tempo by navigating to Preferences - Plugins - Cogwheel - Install Plugin from Disk. Select the Tempo extension file you downloaded and click Open to install it.

  3. Click Restart IDE in JetBrains once you’ve installed the Tempo file.

    Installing Tempo for JetBrains
  4. A Tempo: token missing prompt will appear in the lower right of your JetBrains screen saying that you need to set your Tempo API token.

    JetBrains needs a Tempo API token
  5. Navigate to Tempo - Settings - API Integration and create an API token by clicking New Token.  This token can be either for full access or custom access. If you choose to create a custom access token, it needs to at least have “Produce activities” activities scope. Click Confirm to create the token.

    Refer to Using REST API integrations.

    Get Tempo API token
  6. Copy the token and navigate back to JetBrains. Click Configure in the prompt and paste the token.

    JetBrains upload Tempo API token
  7. Test the token to confirm that it works by clicking Test, then restart JetBrains again.

  8. Now when you open a workspace within a git repository, the Tempo extension will give you the option to either Track, Ignore or Postpone all activity within the git repository. Repositories that have been tracked will send time record suggestions to Tempo’s My Work.

    If Postponed is selected, you will receive a reminder the next time you open a project for this repository. You can then manually configure it in Preferences> Other Settings >Tempo.

Extension Settings

The Tempo settings are included as an item in the Preferences dialog of the JetBrains IDE. If you need information about the repositories being tracked or the status of events sent to the tempo-api, you can navigate to Preferences at any time.

JetBrains Preferences allows you to see Tempo's tracked repositories

Click to enable Debug mode to view event logs.