Linking Accounts to Jira Projects


How to link accounts to Jira projects


Tempo accounts can be linked to one or more Jira projects, and when the Account Custom field is set for your needs, the account is can be selected in Jira issues or the Log Time dialog box.

Linking on Create

When creating accounts, you can select the projects you want to link to the account. The projects can also be included in the imported file if the accounts are created with any of the Accounts Import features.

Linking in Accounts Configuration

It is possible to link already created accounts to more projects in the Accounts overview. 

  1. Select Accounts Accounts.png in the Tempo sidebar.

  2. In the Accounts view, select the account to which you want to link Jira projects.

  3. Click + Add Project Link at the right and search for the project to which you want to link account.


Keep the number of global accounts to a minimum because global accounts have a negative impact on Tempo Timesheets speed performance.

You can also select the Make this account global check-box if you want to link the account to all projects. Clearing the check-box will unlink a global account from all projects.

Accounts link
Linking in Project Administration

Users with the Tempo Account Administrators permission and who are in the Administration Role for the selected project can open the Accounts page in project settings.

On the Project settings page you have the option to select an account as default for the project.

Project settings accounts on cloud


Jira issues that were created before the project was linked to an account are not automatically set to the account value. The value needs to be set afterwards and it is possible to bulk edit the Jira issues. This option is not available for Jira team-managed (formerly next-gen) projects.