Creating Customers


How to create customers


Creating and editing customers requires the Tempo Account Administrator permission.

You can connect your accounts to customers. For example, if you have multiple accounts containing data for a single customer, you can create a new customer and assign those accounts to it.

To create a customer:
  1. Select Accounts Accounts.png in the Tempo sidebar.

  2. Select Customers at the top-right.

  3. In the Customers view, enter a name and a unique key for the new customer. You can edit the customer name and the key later.

  4. Click Add to create the new customer.

    Customers overview
  5. Click Delete to delete customers that are not linked to accounts.

Viewing Customer Information

Account Leads can view customer information for the accounts they lead. In the Customers view, select the customer name whose details you want to view. The Customer details view is displayed.

  • Accounts associated with the customer are organized by category (if applicable). You can click the account name to go to the Accounts Overview. Similarly, in the Accounts Overview you can click the customer name to return to the Customer details view.

  • Only open accounts are shown in the Customer details view.