Overview of My Work


Getting started in My Work. Logging and planning your time in My Work.

My Work is your home base in Tempo Timesheets. This is where you log and plan your time, and get an overview of your timesheet progress or for your plans of what's coming up.

You can also integrate your Google and Office 365 calendars with My Work so that you can use the Activity Feed to easily track time against meetings or other events you have scheduled.

In My Work you see the progress of tracked time against planned time for each day. At the end of the day, you can effortlessly log any remaining time planned for on your agenda. 

At the end of each reporting period, you can then submit your timesheet for review from My Work.

Table 1. The My Work space


What is this?

What do I do with it?


My Work icon

Open up My Work. You can also press G+T from anywhere in Tempo Timesheet or Jira to get here.


Calendar view

Lets you visualize each day in an agenda. You can easily see what to work on and when, and where you have gaps and overlaps in your day.

See Planning your Time in the My Work Calendar for information.


List view

Shows your activities, plans and time records as cards on a calendar.



Click it to open the Timesheet. This gives you a report-like view with lots of detail on how much time you've logged to each Jira issue. There are lots of filtering and viewing options that make this view very valuable for getting information. And, of course, you can log your time here.

See Logging Time for yourself in Timesheets for information.


Weekly period label

See the current weekly period. You can use the arrows to set the weekly period that you want to view.

The current day is shaded when a week is shown in the calendar, so it's easy to find.

Click the < and > arrows to go to other time periods. Clicking Today (F) is a quick way to return to the current date.



Click to quickly return to the current date if you've navigated to another time period.


Time records

Admire it! You created this card by logging your time.

Time records are identified with a little green check mark icon and are greyed out.



Log time to your plan by clicking this card.

Plans are identified with a little blue double arrow icon.

If you only have Tempo Timesheets installed, you can plan time for yourself and see only your own plans in the Calendar. To plan time for others, you need to have Tempo Planner installed and have the Manage Team Plans permission.

See Planning your Time for information.


Activity Feed

A list of activities provided by Tempo Automation that you can use to log time. You can individually log these activities or log them all at once using the Log Activities (D) button.

See Logging time using Tempo Automation (Activity Feed) for information.


Log Activities

Log all the activities with complete time record information at once (this excludes incomplete activity cards with missing attributes). It also displays the total hours of the activities you can log.


Activity card

Log activities based on your calendar events and activities in Jira, Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar and Virtual Studio Code.

See #UUID-77c68198-a136-73d7-7336-ce6230e5f672 for information.


Log Time / Plan Time

Click either one to open up the form you want: Log Time form or Plan Time form. Then log or plan your time as you like!


Current Period

See how many logged hours you are below or above the required hours for this period.

Click the v to open the menu and then submit your timesheet, and see recent timesheets you've submitted for approval.


Logged time per week

Indicates how much time you’ve logged for that week. The progress bar also tracks how much time you’re logging relative to the total required hours.


Settings menu

Open this menu to find options for changing display options in My Work, and also to connect your Google or Microsoft calendar to My Work.

Show Weekends displays weekends in the calendar week. Turn this off to save some horizontal space in the calendar - only if you don't work weekends, of course!

Show Rejected Activities displays rejected plans and Google Calendar events in the Calendar.

Set My Working Hours allows you to set the start time for your daily working hours.

Display show options that are only available for the List view:

  • Sort by Start Time sorts the cards in the calendar by the start time. If you use start times in your time records, this is useful. You can also switch to the Time view (N) to see time slots in your day like an agenda.

  • Group by Type (default) groups the cards in the calendar together by type: time record (G), plan (H), or activities (K).

Under Activities > Settings, you can select which providers to connect to or filter in your Activity Feed and whether you want to display incomplete activities. See Logging Time using Tempo Automation (Activity Feed) for more.


Issues side panel

Drag Jira issues from this panel to a day in your calendar or agenda to log time to that issue.

Click the little arrow < in the middle of the right edge of window if you don't see this panel (it's hidden by default).

See Creating and configuring internal issues for information.