Understanding Tempo Automation


How does Tempo Automation work for my external calendars, Jira and VS Code

Tempo Activity Feed Automation

Tempo’s Activity Feed draws its information from a wide range of providers to create its activity cards, including Google Calendar, Jira, Office 365 Calendar, and Visual Studio Code (VS Code). Generally speaking, working in one of these providers will trigger the creation of an activity card. When you’re working in two activity sources at the same time, an algorithm calculates activities from the collected events.

See Connecting and Filtering Your Activity Providers for more information.


How it works

Google Calendar and Office 365 Calendar

When you connect your calendar to My Work, your calendar events are automatically transformed into activities which make up your Activity Feed (see Connecting Your External Calendars to My Work). You’ll be able to log time on these activities with a single click.

Note that changes made to activities in My Work will not be reflected in your calendar.


Jira issues show up as activities in My Work when you:

  • Open a Jira issue (an activity is created when you view an issue)

  • Create a Jira issue

  • Edit a Jira issue (such as changing an assignee or priority)

  • Comment within a Jira issue

  • Transition the Jira issue through the workflow

Tempo displays Jira activities in 15-minute increments. For example, if you work on 3 different Jira issues for a total of 15 minutes, Tempo Automation’s algorithm will intelligently display the most relevant ticket (of the 3 Jira issues). If you subsequently delete that activity, it will show you the next relevant ticket until you’ve deleted all the activities.

Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

The Activity Feed automatically displays in My Work, the time spent on coding activities and changes made to files in selected git repositories from VS Code when you have the VS Code Extension for Tempo Timesheets app installed. You can easily log time by converting the activity card created into a time record.

Events that will trigger an activity to appear in My Work include:

  • Saving your changes

  • Git repository-specific actions (commits/check-ins)

Tempo displays VS Code activities in 15-minute increments.