Connecting and Filtering Your Activity Providers


How to connect and filter your external calendars, Jira, and VS Code for the activity feed

Tempo’s Activity Feed draws its information from a wide range of providers to create its activity cards, including Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, Jira, and Visual Studio Code (VS Code). From your Activity settings and Filter, you can enable/disable the connection to these providers, choose which providers' activities you want to see in My Work, and set whether you want to display or hide incomplete and rejected activities.

Installed plugins and platforms, for example VS Code and Jira, do not require you to sign in. Since signing in is not required for those providers, the status remains active and Activity feeds are simply populated once data is received from those plugins. For example, when a team member works on a coding task in VS Code, the activity feed automatically displays the time spent on these tasks.

Connecting to activity providers

In your Activity settings, you can connect to a provider to populate your Activity Feed. The currently supported providers are Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, and VS Code Extension for Tempo Timesheets. Since Tempo Timesheets itself is embedded in Jira, you don’t have to explicitly connect to it; however, you can turn off the display of activity cards coming from Jira using the Filter (see below).

For example, if you want to connect to your Office 365 Calendar so that it appears in your Activity Feed:

  1. In My Work, click the Settings icon settings-icon-issues-side-panel.png in the top right, then select Settings under ACTIVITIES.

  2. In the Activity Settings, click the Pencil_icon.jpg icon next to Office 365 Calendar. The INACTIVE label indicates that the calendar is not connected yet.

  3. You will be redirected to the Tempo Apps page where you can sign into your Office 365 Calendar - see Connecting Your External Calendars for more information.

    Once you’ve signed into your Office 365 account and selected your calendar you’re all set!

  4. When you return to My Work, the Office 365 Calendar becomes active and activity cards from your calendar events appear in My Work. You can hide and display these cards using the Filter menu - see below.

Filtering the display of activity cards

The Filter lets you control the display of activity cards that come from the different providers and are connected to My Work. A list of active providers is dynamically populated when a provider is installed or connected (VS Code plugin and Jira always remain active). You can quickly toggle the display of all activities coming from a provider by simply clicking its checkbox. Unchecking a provider simply filters out the display of its related activities. You can also apply the filter on Incomplete Activities and Rejected Activities.

For example, as a Support Specialist, you view many Jira issues a day, but don’t want to log time on all of them. You also want to hide them from cluttering your Activity feed.

  • To hide all activity cards coming from Jira issues, for example, click on the Filter icon Filter_icon.png and uncheck the Jira checkbox.

  • To show/hide Incomplete Activities and Rejected Activities, click to turn on/off the options.

Disabling the connection to providers

You can stop receiving activities coming from a certain provider into your Activity feed by temporarily signing out of the provider. This disables the connection so that you no longer receive any activities in your Activity Feed. When you are ready to enable it again, simply sign in again.

Jira is an exception because Tempo lives in Jira so you can't disconnect your account, but you can hide Jira activities by unchecking it in the provider Filter above.

To disable the connection with a provider:

  1. Go to Activity settings and click the Pencil_icon.jpg.

  2. Sign out of your provider in the Calendar connection dialog. Signed out providers will have an INACTIVE tag next to their names in the Activity Settings.

  3. To reconnect to that provider, click the Pencil_icon.jpg and sign in again.