Logging Time using the Activity Feed


How to log time automatically from the Activity Feed


This feature is new and not yet available to all customers.

The My Work view provides a complete overview of your activities where you can view all of your daily work, including activities from integrations such as your Google and Office 365 calendars or VS Code. You can easily log your day’s complete events and activities using our advanced automation tool, the Activity Feed, with just a single click using the Log Activities button. To learn more, see Tempo Automation.


The Activity Feed is only available in the Calendar and List views.


Logging time to your Activities

The main benefit of the Activity Feed feature is to provide you with a way to log your time quickly and easily. In cases where you’re working on a few different Jira issues and want to log time towards them, you no longer have to enter time for each issue in the Log Time form. This greatly speeds up your time logging process. You can log time to activities as well as edit or delete as you wish.

To log time to Activities:

  1. Go to My Work and select the Calendar or List view from the top right.

  2. Navigate to the day you want to log time for. If you want to log time for the current day, simply click on the Today button to be automatically taken to the current date.

  3. Under Activities, hover over the individual activity and click on the check mark to log it. Once you log the activity, it becomes a time record.

  4. If you want to log all your Activities at once, click on the Log Activities button. The Log Activities button will not log time on incomplete activities and/or Planned time. As you continue to work after logging all activities, the Log Activities button will become enabled again.



All-day events will only appear as activity cards with the Basic calendar connection.

Converting an activity to a time record

If you want to make any edits to an Activity, you can do so by hovering over the Activity and clicking on the Edit icon.

  • Changes you make to your calendar activities in My Work won't be reflected in your external calendars.



If you are simultaneously working on two Jira issues and one of them is a calendar event, then the calendar event will take priority.  To view the second activity, you’ll have to delete the first activity. For example, let’s say you have a meeting (CLOUD-47) and while attending that meeting you comment on a Jira issue (LAB-40). Only CLOUD-47 will be shown to you. If you want LAB-40 to be shown in that time slot, then you’ll have to delete CLOUD-47.

Deleting activities:

Hover over an Activity card and click on the Delete icon.


A notification will pop-up at the bottom right of the screen with the option to undo the delete action.


Deleting calendar activity cards in My Work will not delete them in your external calendars.

Working with Incomplete Activities

My Work flags activities with missing required fields and information as incomplete activities in an effort to save you as much time as possible from having to manually log time. The required fields are defined by the administrator. These incomplete activities contain a triangular attention icon in the Activity card that you can hover over to view which required work attribute(s) or information you’re missing.


To log an incomplete activity card:

  1. Hover over the Activity card and select the Edit icon. The Log Time window will pop up.

  2. Missing fields will have an attention icon. Enter the missing information. Tempo Automation will provide intelligent suggestions based on previously logged time/activities if you’re missing the Jira issue key.

  3. Select Log time to confirm.


If you don’t want to see any incomplete activities (activities that require additional info before logging), you can toggle the Display Incomplete Activities setting to disable it.


The Inactive label only appears next to calendar service providers (Google and Office 365 calendars) because those are connections that Tempo can readily establish. Plugins (VS Code) will not have this label because Tempo can’t tell if the user is actively connected or not.