Logging Your Time in a Jira Issue


How to log time in a Jira issue


  • Logging time for yourself requires the Work On Issues permission for the project to which the issue belongs.

  • Logging time for other team members requires the Log Work for Others permission

When you're working in Jira all day, it's easy to log your time right in the issue on which you're working.

Watch this video to see how to log your time in different ways from Jira:

In the Jira issue view, do one of the following to log time:
  1. Click the Tempo icon tempo-button.png at the top of the Jira issue to display the Tempo panel,

    or click Open Tempo at the bottom of the issue's panel on the right to display the Tempo panel on the right side.

  2. Do either of the following:

    - Click the Log Time button in the central Tempo panel.



    - Click the Log Time button in the Tempo panel on the right.

  3. Fill in the Log Time Form and log time. This creates a time record for the date you selected.

  4. To make edits to your time record, see Editing Your Time Records in a Jira Issue.


  • You can also press the w key from anywhere within Jira to open the Log Time form and start logging your time. Note that in some browsers, pressing w also toggles the Watch Issue option for the Jira issue.

  • To quickly go to My Work from anywhere in Jira, press the g+t keys.