Track Time to Know Where It Goes

There are lots of reasons to track time, but one of the main reasons is to simply find out where the time goes! Once you know that, you can improve the productivity and efficiency in your organization, and make better business decisions for the future.


If you want to jump right in, here's a high-level overview of the tasks:

If you're an administrator

If you're a manager

  • Creating Accounts and Creating Account Categories - Create accounts for organizing logged time into different categories.

  • Creating Tempo Teams - Create Tempo teams to group your employees. If you're an HR manager, you can do this for your whole organization.

  • Tempo Team Permissions - Grant and manage permissions for your team.

  • Approving or Rejecting Timesheets - Review and approve the timesheets of your team members. The timesheet approval process needs to be set up for this to happen.

  • Logged Time Reports - Run a Logged Time report on your team's logged time, total time spent on a project, or whatever else you need to find out.

  • Planned vs Actual Reports - If you also have Tempo Planner installed, run a Planned vs Actual report to compare planned and logged time for a project. Very useful for making better estimates for future projects!

If you're a team member