Logged Time Reports


Logged Time reports show how much time has been spent on projects, accounts and more


  • You must have Tempo Timesheets installed to access Logged Time reports.

  • Viewing worklogs for your team members in Tempo Reports requires the View Worklogs and Browse Projects permissions. To see worklogs for other users in a project, you need to have the View All Worklogs permission.

The Logged Time report is designed to give you insight into the amount of time spent on projects, issues, epics, accounts and more. When you create a report, you can apply filters to accurately display what you want to see. You can also group the data to make it more accessible and easier to read.

Logged Time report displays time record data for your teams

As a starting point, Logged Time reports allow you to filter time record data to gain insights into the following:

  • the amount of logged time for your team

  • the amount of logged time for an individual user

  • the number of hours spent on each Jira project (and epic and issue)

  • the number of billable hours spent on projects

Watch this video to see how to create any type of Logged Time report:

Watch this video to see how to create a Logged Time report for billable hours: