Bulk Delete


  • This feature is new and not yet available to all customers. To participate in Tempo's Early Access Program and gain access to this feature, visit our TempoLab page.

  • Bulk Delete Time records require Delete all Worklogs Jira permission.

  • Manage worklogs Tempo permission (in any team).

  • Manage worklogs Tempo permission (Global).

Bulk Delete allows you to delete multiple time records at once for a selected user and issue key. You can delete a maximum of 1000 records at once.

To delete multiple time records :

  1. Select Settings Settings.png in the Tempo sidebar and select Time Record Editor.

  2. Pick the start date and end date from the calendar.

  3. Click Apply.

  4. Click Select Filters. You can begin typing in the search field to quickly find the issue, select it from the list. The subtasks are automatically included when you select the Issue.


    You can only select one Jira issue and one user.

  5. Click Back to select Users. Start typing the name of the user you want to add to the selection. Click Apply.


    Apply button is active only when the Issue Key and User are selected.

  6. After clicking Apply, a list is displayed which shows the time records for the selected issue key and user. Click Delete to delete the time records.


    Deleting the selected records cannot be undone. This action permanently deletes the time records for the selected user.

  7. A success message is displayed after the records are deleted. An error message is displayed if the operation fails with the individual attributes. Click Acknowledge to go back.


    You can only have one active bulk action at any given time. If you navigate away from the bulk editor and return while the bulk action is still in progress, the progress screen is displayed again instead of being able to search and affect another bulk action.