Team Planning


How to plan and manage time for Tempo Teams

Tempo Teams are groups of Jira users who work together in some way, such as on the same project or in the same department (see Managing Your Teams for more information). Tempo Teams are also central to working in Tempo Planner.

Each team needs a team lead who is usually responsible for planning work for their team members, balancing the workload among those team members (managing capacity), and approving plans for their team members. Of course, team members can plan their own vacations and other personal time off.

When you're planning time for your team, it's often for short periods of time, such as an upcoming sprint. Or you may need to manage the capacity of each team member by editing the plan's dates and number of hours, moving plans from one team member to another, or sharing plans among multiple team members.

Tempo Planner offers different ways for you to plan and manage time for your team, depending on how you like to work:

  • Select the Weeks view in the Resource Planning view to do sprint planning or longer-term planning.

  • Use the Jira Import feature to automatically create plans for your team based on existing Jira issues assigned to them.

  • Select the Days view in the Resource Planning view to plan and manage the time for each team member for the current week.

  • Use the Team Planning Timeline to also do sprint planning and view your team's capacity.


Filter the Resource Planning view by TEAMS to see only your team in it.