Viewing Resources and Their Plans


How to view resources and their planned time


In the Resource Planning view, you can see all your resources and how their planned time is allocated - do they have enough work planned? do they have too much? are there any vacations coming up? You can also sort the resource list by name or available hours to quickly see what you want.

By default, all resources to whom you have permission to view are displayed in the Resource Planning view, but you can filter who's displayed here - see Filtering the Resources to do this.

To access Resource Planning, select Planning planner_icon.png in the Tempo sidebar. The Weeks view is displayed by default - see Overview of the Resource Planner for more information. 


Viewing how much resource time is allocated

Resources are displayed in a list on the left side of the Resource Planning view, followed by their available hours for the selected period. 

When you hover over the available hours to the right, and a tooltip shows the number of hours required, planned, and overbooked.

Hover to view available and planned time

The main calendar on the right side of the Resource Planning view is where you can see the total number of hours that each individual is scheduled to work on each day. The number of working hours available for each resource is according to their Workload scheme, such as 8 hours per day. 

  • A green check mark indicates that a resource is fully allocated.

  • A yellow "progress" bar shows you the relative amount of hours that are already allocated.

  • A red bar indicates that a resource is over allocated. The total number of hours planned is also shown.

    Resource planned per individual

Sorting the resource list

By default, the resource list is sorted by user name in alphabetical order. You can also sort your resources by the number of hours that they have available.

  • Click User to sort the resource list in alphabetical order (the default shown). Click again to reverse the order.

    Sort resource list by user
  • Click the A to sort by availability, so the resources with the most hours available are at the top. Click again to sort in descending order.

    Sort resource list by available hours

Viewing the resource's plans

You can view the plans per Jira issue for each resource by expanding their name in the resource list on the left.

  • Click the triangle next to User at the top of the resource list to Expand all or Collapse all resources' plans at once.

  • Click the triangle next to a resource's name to expand or collapse only that resource's plans. 

    Expand all to view all users' plans

When a resource's plans are expanded, you can see the plans on each Jira issue and that issue's current workflow status, such as TO DO, IN PROGRESS, or DONE. The statuses that are displayed depend on how your Jira instance is configured. Seeing the status of each Jira issue makes it easier for resource managers and team leads to plan for their resources.

Current workflow status of Jira issues

Plan approval status

If your company is using the plan approval process, you can see the approval status of each plan:

  • A white background and a green dot indicate an approved plan.

  • A purple shaded background and a yellow dot indicates a plan that is pending approval.

  • A gray shaded plan with strikethrough text and a red dot indicates a rejected plan. Sorry!

    Plan approval status