Assigning Generic Resources


How to assign generic resources for future or current projects


This feature is new and not yet available to all customers. To participate in Tempo's Early Access Program and gain access to this feature, visit our TempoLab page.

About Generic Resources

The generic resources feature offers a temporary solution for managers when mapping resources to project tasks where actual resources are not identified yet. Use generic resources as placeholders in the following scenarios:

  • For new projects or in the early planning stages, until the actual team members are identified and allocated to work on the project.

  • In the event that a team member working on a current project is no longer available, the resource manager can reassign their planned tasks to a generic resource, until a replacement is found.

  • When an actual resource is available, replace a previously assigned generic resource with a team member assigned to work on the allocated tasks.

To add a generic resource

  1. In the Resource Planning view, click the Plan Time button or click + on a day in the calendar.

    See other ways of adding planned time in The Plan Time Form

  2. Select Generic Resource in the drop-down list.

  3. Click Search and select a pre-defined generic resource, or Create a new one.

  4. To create a new generic resource, type the name in the Create or Search box and click to confirm.

  5. Click to select an Issue or a Project to assign.

  6. Add a Description if needed.

  7. Set the dates and the time and if it is a recurring period.

  8. Click Plan Time when done.


    The planned time is added to the generic resource's given name on the Resource Planning view. In this example the generic resource's name is Developer.

To replace a team member

In an event that a team member is not available for the duration of the project, the tasks can be reassigned to a generic resource as a placeholder until a replacement is found. For example, the tasks of a team member who is going on a leave of absence can be assigned to a generic resource.

  1. Mouse-over a user in the Resource Planning view and click the Replace resource icon.

  2. In the Replace Resource window, select the Type of Resource you are attempting to switch the resource to:

    Select between User, when replacing the resource with a team member. Select Generic Resource, when replacing the resource with an unidentified team member.

  3. Search and select the name of the user or the defined generic resource name.

  4. Select one of the following Plan Options:

    - All Plans, to replace all plans

    - Replace plans within a date period, to replace the resource for a defined period of time. When the time expires the resource reverts back to the original assigned resource.

    - Replace plans after a specific date, to replace the resource only between the specific dates selected. The resource is reverted back to the original assigned resource when time is expired.

  5. Click Apply when done.

  6. The generic resource's timeline is updated with the tasks either partially or fully, depending on the selections above.


    Plans that are outside the selected time frame, will not be moved during the replacement of resources.

To filter by generic resources

  1. In the Resource Planning view, click in the Filter box.

  2. In the Resource Filters window click to select Generic Resources and select the names from the drop-down selections, or enter a name to search for.

  3. The filter is applied and the search strings are added to the Filter box.

    The Resource Planning View is narrowed down by the selected filters. You may add or remove filters as needed.